Sunday, October 21, 2012

Full Tank

The new tank is up and running and already fully stocked.  We began with just the few we had brought over from the original smaller tank but a teacher at Trevor's school that we are friends with heard we were interested in Fancy Guppies and sent 12 of them home with Trevor to help us get us started.  She also figured we needed some snails.  Wow!  Full house fast.  Over this weekend I added a few Cory Catfish (bottom feeders) to help us keep the tank clean. 

Here's the tank, presently with a John Deere background... they are going to farmer fish

Here's a few of the fish (clockwise from the top left: a Lemon Tetra that we picked up, cool colors on this fish; sunken ship, one of the Cory Catfish and Herman the Ghost Shrimp, castle)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Austin, 4 months old

Fish - - The Update

As we understand it we have had a pretty typical 'welcome to fish ownership' experience...

Flyer, the Betta that we started with, has gone off to a special place where fish go... as has a few of his early tank mates.  Seems that some fish transition pretty rough and Flyer was one of those.  Flyer had a major hand in the demise of a the nice looking Red Wag Platy that we had, and a few of the Ghost Shrimp seem to have been a bit too young to have been transitioned from farm to store to home tank so quickly and several didn't make it.  The group we have now is strong and friendly and all seem to healthy and happy.  Trevor has been a great fish keeper, being sure to feed right amounts at right times and helping me with the weekly tank maintenance duties. 

My buddy Evan warned me that this hobby has a tendency to suck people in and soon you find yourself interested in more fish and plants and shopping for larger tanks - he has been right.  Recently have decided I want a larger tank, can't make up my mind, so approached Lucy with the idea of multiple new tanks... didn't get the support I was hoping for.  We shall see.

Here's our Blue Mickey Mouse Platy, 2x Sunburst Platys, and Red Wag Platy #2

Here's our ghost shrimp - you can see right through them and they really help keep the tank clean

Sunday, September 9, 2012


For quite some time Trevor has been wanting a pet of any sort and for his birthday we finally relented and he is now the proud owner of a 5g fish tank and, for now, a Betta that he has named Flyer.  Trevor is all sorts of excited.  Instructions say we need to get the tank ecosystem up an running before adding any more fish, but Trevor has plans for several other fish to join Flyer and Flyer was chosen because the shop indicated he had played well with other fish in the community tank so would be good to have others join him.  Trevor decided he would adopt several of the other fish from Flyer's tank in the shop so that they'd know each other and he could unite them again; such a thoughtful kid.

Flyer has been fun so far and on several occasions the glow from his tanks has lured us all in to take a little peak and marvel at him.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Parade

A friend in Prosser hooked up the kids with riding in the fire trucks for the parade.  Taylor and Trevor in the ladder truck, Kali and Kamille in the Chief's rig. 

Brandon, Lindsay. and Brady were also in the parade marching with the band, unfortunately we didn't get a great video of them.  :(

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pottery Party

We had a fun night with our friend Annie making pottery projects and she even took a few minutes to teach Trevor how to throw on the wheel.  Thanks for a fun night!